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"The reward of Labor is Life."--William Morris

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."--William Arthur Ward

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow."-- Helen Keller

The High School Completion Program is for adults who wish to complete credit requirements and receive a high school diploma. Courses are designed both in classroom settings and independent labs. Credits are earned through a combination of completing required work, passing accompanying tests and attending a minimum number of hours.

Age Requirement
This is an adult program, so the minimum age is 18 years old. On occasion, a 17-year old, who is no more than 90 days from their 18th birthday, may be admitted through a special underage application process. This process would involve discussing a release from the obligation to attend classes in the public school system with the principal of the school the student should be attending. If the principal agrees to release the individual, the school should issue a Letter of Release along with an official copy of the student's previous transcripts. The next step would be to provide this information to our ABE Specialist in order for interview appointments to be made with the ABE Counselor and then with the Dean/Director of the program. The potential underage student's parent would be required to participate in these interviews. All information would then go to the Vice President of Student Affairs and a final decision would be made as to whether or not the student would be accepted.

Graduation Requirements

  • English (40 Credits)
  • U.S. History (10 Credits)
  • U.S. Government (5 Credits)
  • Math (30 Credits)
  • U.S. Econ. (5 Credits)
  • Science (20 Credits)
  • Fine Arts (10 Credits)
  • World History (10 Credits)
  • Electives (50 Credits)

Total credits required (180 Credits)

In addition to earning the above credits, the California adopted minimum proficiency standards must be met by passing Proficiency Exams (not to be confused with the CHSPE) in Math, Reading, and Editing (Essay). There is no cost for these tests and they may be taken an unlimited number of times until passed. They are given every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00-4:00 in room 1 of the Hilb Student Center Building on the second floor.

*P.E. credits are not required nor will they be counted in your evaluation of previous transcripts.

*Some elective credits may be awarded if you have:

  1. A valid Driver's License (if no credits were received from Driver's Ed.)
  2. Work Experience (proof required)
  3. Military service (proof required)

How Long Does It Take?
It depends on how many credits you start with and how much time and effort you put into it. The average student earns about 10 credits per subject per semester.

Where are the classes?
Palm Desert classes are held on the top floor of the Hilb Student Center building. Indio classes are currently held at Easter Valley Center on Monroe Street and Fred Waring Ave.

Identification Requirement
You will need a current identification with a picture on it at the time of registration.

The only cost is a mandatory health fee of $15.00 per semester for the spring and fall semesters and $12.00 for summer session (when offered). If a student wishes to park on campus in P.D., they must pay $20.00 per semester for a parking sticker ($5.00 during summer). Books are provided free to use in the classroom. If you wish, you may purchase your own in the campus bookstore for approximately $12.00-$18.00 each.

Call the Adult Basic Education office at (760) 776-7318 to schedule an appointment for registering for classes in Palm Desert.  You must bring your official high school transcripts or have them sent to us prior to meeting with the Program Specialist, Gina Cunningham. For classes in Indio, go to Eastern Valley Center (44-199 Monroe St., Indio), Monday through Thursday between 4:00p-7:30p. Minimum attendance required in the high school completion courses is 6 hours per week.

When an individual completes all of the requirements for graduation, they should come to the Adult Basic Education office to complete an Intent to Graduate form. At that time, the records would be reviewed to determine whether everything was completed and, if so, about three weeks later, the diploma would be issued.

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